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Panasonic announces SDR-SW21 waterproof and shockproof camcorder

12 January, 2009 (20:07) | Camcorder, Panasonic | By: Camera News

Panasonic SDR-SW21 camcorder
Panasonic SDR-SW21

Panasonic has announced the new SDR-SW21 camcorder which is waterproof and shockproof. Should be a great camcorder for people who like to go trekking in the nature or are known to be a bit careless with their equipment.

Some key features for the Panasonic SDR-SW21:
-Waterproof up to 2 metres
-Shockproof up to 1.2 metres
-MPEG2 Recording (DVD Quality)

The Panasonic SDR-SW21 will cost about $399.95 and hit the marked in April 2009.

Information from Panasonic:
Rugged Compact SD Card Camcorder

The SDR-SW21 camcorder combines a rugged, compact body with waterproofing that allows use in seawater to a depth of 2 metres, shockproofing that protects against falls from up to 1.2 metres, and dustproofing. This camcorder, offering its small size, light weight and superb mobility made possible by SD/SDHC Memory Cards, let users shoot videoa with the same casual ease and carry-about convenience they enjoy with small digital still camcorders.

A waterproof design, taking advantage of the water resistance of an SD/SDHC Memory Card, lets you use the SDR-SW21 camcorder underwater to a depth of 2 metres. The SDR-SW21 camcorder can even be used in seawater, so users can take moving images of friends snorkelling or tropical fish darting in and out of coral reefs. You can use the SDR-SW21 camcorder at the beach, a ski resort, or a host of other active, outdoor situations where you wouldn’t dare use a conventional camcorder.

Unlike recording media such as hard disk drives or DVD discs, SD/SDHC Memory Cards require no drive mechanism. This gives the SDR-SW21 camcorder sufficient impact resistance to prevent malfunction when dropped from up to 1.2 metres. Combined with its dustproof and waterproof features, this makes it the ideal camcorder for anytime use outdoors, in active situations, and for casual everyday video shooting.

The SDR-SW21 camcorder features the new YouTube Uploader function that makes video uploading super easy! Simply set the camcorder to “Web Mode” and it will record the movie in a YouTube compatible format. After shooting connect the camcorder via USB to a PC and the YouTube Uploader automatically starts. Simply follow the procedure to upload your video clips to the YouTube video-sharing site.

The SDR-SW21 camcorder offers a function that simplifies the process of copying recordings from the Memory Card or hard disk drive to a DVD. Simply connect the camcorder to a VW-BN1 DVD Burner (optional) and press the button. No PC is required. A DVD disc created this way can be easily played directly from a DVD player.

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