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Apple iPhone 3Gs test / review by Lets Go Mobile – 3.2 megapixel camera phone

26 August, 2009 (07:26) | Apple, Camera Phone, Review | By: Camera News

Apple iPhone 3Gs
Apple iPhone 3Gs

Lets Go Mobile has reviewed the Apple iPhone 3Gs mobile phone. This Apple phone features a 3.2 megapixel camera so it will be interesting to hear what the reviewer thinks about its photo capture capabilities.

Lets Go Mobile gives the Apple iPhone 3Gs a 80% score as it is a very good phone, but according to the reviewer offer little innovation. When it comes to its ability to capture pictures the 3Gs seem very nice. It uses the whole screen as viewfinder (except for a small part for shutter button) and you can select where on the screen you want the focus point. A little downside is that there is only a shutter button on the screen and not a physical one. Another interesting point is that the phone automatically auto focus without using the shutter button so taking a picture is very fast. That might be a bit hard to get used to when you usually use the shutter button to focus.
Read the full review of the Apple iPhone 3Gs phone here.

Apple releases Aperture version 2.1.3 – improves overall stability and adds fixes

15 April, 2009 (12:36) | Apple, Software | By: Camera News

Apple has released a new version of their popular image editing software Aperture. The new 2.1.3 version improves overall stabiliaty and fixes several issues.
Apple says that: “This update improves overall stability and provides fixes for issues related to database integrity and compatibility with specific file types.”
They also recommend that all users should download the new update.

You can download Apple Aperture version 2.1.3 from their website.

Apple updates Aperture to 2.1 – Support for plug-ins

29 March, 2008 (21:57) | Apple, Software | By: Camera News

Apple’s popular photo editing and organizing tool, Aperture, has been updated to version 2.1. Aperture 2.1 updates several functions in the program and according to Apple, be faster and more stable.

A big improvement in Aperture 2.1 is the support for plug-ins from third party developers.

Download Apple Aperture 2.1 here.

Apple updates Aperture to 2.0.1

7 March, 2008 (01:02) | Apple, Software | By: Camera News

Apple today updated their photo editing tool Aperture to version 2.0.1. The update fixes several problems including errors in .Mac Web Gallery and problems with updating the libraries.

Download Aperture 2.0.1 here.

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