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Casio announces EXILIM EX-FS10 – Card sized high speed camera

9 January, 2009 (11:02) | Casio, Compact Camera | By: Camera News


Casio has announced six new Exilim digital cameras at the CES this year. Among the cameras we find the Casio EXILIM EX-FS10 that offer burst shooting at 30fps and movie mode at 1000fps. The camera is pretty similar to its big brother, the EXILIM EX-FC100, but is a bit cheaper and misses some features like image stabilization.

Some key features for the Casio EXILIM EX-FS10:
-Burst shooting at 30fps
-Video mode at 1000fps
-9.1 megapixel sensor
-3x optical zoom (38 – 114mm)
-2.5″ LCD screen
-97.0 x 81.0 x 16.0mm dimensions
The Casio EXILIM EX-FS10 will be available in March 2009 for about $349.99.

Press release:
High Speed EXILIM Models EX-FS10 and EX-FC100

Stylish, high-speed digital cameras that offer high-speed burst shooting

Two high-speed digital cameras that are convenient to carry everywhere
High-speed burst shooting and high-speed movie functions have been squeezed into these slim, compact, highly mobile cameras.

In this card-sized camera measuring just 3.8” wide x 2.3” high x .64” thin, Casio has packed a newly developed 3X optical inner-zoom lens and a 2.5-inch high-performance Super Clear LCD. This high-speed model boasts an effective 9.1-megapixel resolution.

The EX-FC100 is a compact camera measuring 3.9” wide x 2.3” high x .9” thin. It offers a 5X optical zoom lens with a CMOS shift anti-shake function and a 2.7-inch high-performance Super Clear LCD. This high-speed model boasts an effective 9.1-megapixel resolution.

30 shot-per-second high-speed burst shooting ensures that every crucial moments is captured
Both of these cameras can take up to 30 shots per second of high-resolution 6.0-megapixel images. What’s more, they can save up to 25 frames prior to the instant that the shutter button is actually pressed, so even if the user hits the shutter a bit late, that special moment will not be missed. The number of shots per second can be set at 30, 15, 10, 5, 3 or auto, and the user can set the total number of shots in one burst at 30, 20, 10 or 5.

Easy, convenient functions that make the most of high-speed burst shooting
These cameras can automatically record just the best of the images captured in a high-speed burst. Also, a number of images from a burst can be combined into a single image. It is this high-speed burst capability that offers the functionality for easily creating photos precisely in accordance with the wishes of the user. After taking a set of shots, there is no need to go to the trouble of manually select the best one.

Slow Motion View
By pressing a dedicated button during shooting, it is possible to view the movement of the subject in slow motion on the LCD monitor. The user can press the shutter while viewing the LCD monitor, selecting the perfect moment to capture from a scene that looks as if time has been slowed down.

High-Speed Anti-Shake and High-Speed Night Scene functions
These functions work because the cameras can combine a number of images taken in burst mode, and then align the position of the subject to form a single shot. This means that, even without a tripod, zoom photography and night shots are beautifully rendered, virtually making photo blur a thing of the past.

High-Speed Best Selection
To ensure that a natural, fleeting smile is captured, these cameras can automatically select the best image from a set of images taken in burst mode, with the subject smiling, with no photo blur, and with the subject’s eyes open. The best image will be saved.

Lag Correction
These cameras make it possible to set in advance the time lag between the moment that the user wants to capture and the actual time of taking the picture. This way, it is possible to capture that precious instant at any time, with minimal lag. This works because the cameras select from the images they temporarily store in their burst mode buffers the one image that was taken at the specified interval prior to the shutter being released, and just that image is saved.

High-speed movie recording at up to 1,000 fps
These cameras have a high-speed movie function that can record motion that is ordinarily too fast for the human eye to see, and then play it back in ultra-slow motion. The frame rate can be set at 1000 fps, 420 fps or 210 fps. Also, even while recording a movie clip at the standard speed (30 fps), by pressing a single button the frame rate can be changed to the 210 fps high-speed mode.

HD Movie function
The HD Movie function will record beautiful videos at a size of 1280×720 pixels. Also, pressing the dedicated photo button while shooting an HD movie clip will capture a 6.0-megapixel still image.


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