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Canon PowerShot G10 compact camera review / test by

10 November, 2008 (15:17) | Canon, Compact Camera | By: Camera News

Canon PowerShot G10 compact camera
Canon PowerShot G10 has reviewed the new compact camera from Canon in their G-series, the PowerShot G10. The Canon PowerShot G series is considered to be among the best compact cameras on the marked so it is interesting to see how the G10 is able to hold up Canon’s reputation. ends up giving the PowerShot G10 a very positive review as it is able to produce high resolution pictures of very good quality and has a good wide angle lens.
One downside is the weight and price making it hard to choose between the compact camera and an entry level DSLR camera. Another downside is a bit of noise on higher ISO levels.
All in all this sounds like a very interesting compact camera for photographers that want a good compact.

Read the full, in depth review by of the Canon PowerShot G10 camera here.
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