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IrfanView out new version 4.23 – Free image viewer

1 January, 2009 (10:18) | Software | By: Camera News

IrfanView is a freeware image viewer that support a lot of different image formats including BMP, DIB, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF and TGA. See this list to see all the formats that IrfanView support.
The program is now out in in a new version, 4.23. The updates include history for random pictures in slideshow, possible to make several pages for PDF files, possibility to save changes in pictures when exiting the program, better panorama function, support for Wavelet Scaler Quantization (WSQ)-format and much more.

Version 4.23 (Release date: 2008-12-29)

– Added History list for Random slideshow (“No file repeat” removed)
– New multipage images menu: Create Multipage PDF
– Option to save changes on exit (Properties->Misc 1, default: OFF)
– TIF loading bugs fixed (Thanks to j00ru//vx)
– New command line option: /filelist=txtfile; Examples:
i_view32.exe /filelist=c:\mypics.txt
i_view32.exe /filelist=c:\mypics.txt /thumbs
i_view32.exe /filelist=c:\mypics.txt /convert=d:\*.jpg
=> use files from mypics.txt as input for different operations
– New Contact Sheet options: Set custom paper size and units
– Options to set start parameters for external editors (see Help file/button)
– External editor names are showed in the menu text
– New Panorama dialog option: Add space between images
– Browsing: if CTRL + number (0-9) pressed, the file index increases by number
– New wallpaper menu: Stretched – proportional
– New Slideshow dialog option: Remember last file index on exit
– New option to show DDS alpha color (Properties->Misc. 1)
– Support for WSQ format (Wavelet Scaler Quantization, PlugIn by Steven Venable)
– New Thumbnail option: Use full file path for sorting (if subfolders loaded)
– New thumbnails tree menu: Load subfolders
– New hotkeys: SHIFT + arrows = Move selection rectangle
– New hotkeys: SHIFT + N = Create new image; SHIFT + V = Add canvas;
CTRL + SHIFT + Y = Auto crop borders; CTRL + SHIFT + J = Lossless JPG crop;

SHIFT + O = Fit window to image; F11 = show/hide mouse in Fullscreen/Slideshow
– Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions:
Download from: (plugins version is 4.22)
– Some bugs fixed (SGI loading, crop selection)
– Two small 4.22 bugs fixed: Next toolbar button, PDF saving

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