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Olympus updates firmware for their E-3 DSLR to version 1.3 – Improves auto focus accuracy

3 February, 2009 (01:25) | DSLR, Olympus | By: Camera News

Olympus E-3 DSLR
Olympus E-3 DSLR

Olympus announced a new firmware for their flagship DSLR camera, the Olympus E-3. Firmware version 1.3 includes improvements to auto foucs accuracy, C-AF performance, improved battery life and makes users able to select AF target by using arrow keys.

Information from Olympus:
-Allow E-3 users to select the AF target by pressing the arrow keys
-Improve AF accuracy when using fast lenses with f2.0 aperture
-Improve C-AF performance
-Improve battery life when using the HLD-4 battery holder

Olympus informs us that when installing the new firmware the E-3 will be rested to factory settings so you should manually record your settings before upgrading the firmware.

Nikon updates firmware for D3 to version 2.01 – Fixes focus issues

21 January, 2009 (11:23) | DSLR, Nikon | By: Camera News

Nikon D3 DSLR camera
Nikon D3 DSLR

Nikon has updated the firmware for their Nikon D3 Full Frame DSLR to version 2.01. The new firmware includes a lot of different fixes including focus issues, black dots in some rare cases and issues with connection to some lenses.

You can download the firmware version 2.01 for the Nikon D3 DSLR camera here.

Information from Nikon:
About this firmware update
This service provides software for upgrading D3 firmware to v2.01. When performing this firmware upgrade, be sure to upgrade both A and B firmware. Be aware that operation of your D3 is not guaranteed if either A or B firmware is upgraded while the other firmware is not upgraded.

The following improvements have been made in version 2.01

– Geodetic information is now displayed in ViewNX Ver. 1.2.0 or later and Capture NX 2 Ver. 2.1.0 or later for images captured with the GPS Unit GP-1 mounted on the camera.
– Autofocus-response performance in focus mode C (Continuous-servo AF mode) with relatively dark subjects has been increased.
– When the AF-ON button is pressed, the monitor turns off and a focus point can now be selected using the multi selector.

– Photo information displayed in full-frame playback has been modified as follows:
HI-, LO- has been changed to Hi, Lo
WARM TONE has been changed to WARM FILTER
COLOR CUSTOM has been changed to COLOR BALANCE

– Manamah, displayed in the Time zone options for the World time item in the setup menu, has been changed to Manama.
– An issue that, in extremely rare cases, resulted in noticeable black dots in images captured with Long exp. NR in the shooting menu set to On has been resolved.
– When the Speedlight SB-800 was mounted on the camera with flash mode set to Distance-priority manual (GN) mode, and then the exposure meters were reactivated or the camera was turned on, the distance information displayed on the SB-800 changed. This issue has been resolved.
– An issue that, in some rare cases, caused images captured with the following lenses to be under-exposed, has been resolved.
AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED
AF VR Zoom-Nikkor 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6D ED (5.0x)

Firmware update for Canon EOS 40D to version 1.1.1 – Fixes several malfunctions

21 January, 2009 (00:39) | Canon, DSLR | By: Camera News

Canon EOS 40D DSLR camera
Canon EOS 40D DSLR

Canon has updated the firmware for their Canon EOS 40D DSLR camera to version 1.1.1. The new firmware fixes a malfunction that happen with the EF 85mm F1.2L II USM lens, an error that happens during direct printing and more.

You can download the firmware version 1.1.1 for the Canon EOS 40D DSLR camera here.

Information from Canon:
Firmware update Version 1.1.1 incorporates the following fixes and improvements.
1. Fixes a malfunction that in rare occurrence causes a low battery indication to be displayed when using the EF 85mm F1.2L II USM lens. Depending on the battery check timing of the camera, the battery level displayed on the camera’s LCD data panel may shows Battery will be exhausted soon or Battery must be recharged, even though the battery capacity is sufficient.
2. Fixes a malfunction that in rare occurrence causes an Err 06 Self Cleaning Sensor malfunction to appear on the camera’s LCD monitor and LCD data panel, even when the Self Cleaning Sensor Unit is operating normally. This message may appear depending on the timing of when the camera is switch to the ON position.
3. Fixes a malfunction that prevents correct colors from being printed when direct printing. RAW images captured using the camera’s custom Picture Styles (Emerald, etc.), which have been downloaded from Canon’s Web site and registered under User Def. 2 or User Def. 3.
4. Modifies the level of subject brightness that causes the AF-assist beam to fire when using an external Speedlite.
5. Enables an external flash connected to the camera’s synchro terminal to fire even when the camera’s built-in flash is popped up.

Canon updates firmware for EOS 5D Mark II to version 1.0.7 – Fixes black dot and vertical banding issues

8 January, 2009 (02:20) | Canon | By: Camera News

Canon EOS 5D Mark II dslr
Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Canon has released new firmware for their full frame DSLR, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Firmware version 1.0.7 addresses two issues that some users had with firmware version 1.0.6. The update fixes black dot and vertical banding issues. Canon also wants its users to update their DPP and Picture Style Editor software.
Firmware version 1.0.7. can be downloaded from the Canon website.

Canon announcement:
Important information for EOS 5D Mark II users.

We have learned that some users of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II digital SLR camera (with firmware version 1.0.6) have identified two types of image quality phenomena that appear under certain shooting conditions.

1. “Black dot” phenomenon (the right side of point light sources becomes black)
2. Vertical banding noise

Details of the phenomena and shooting conditions under which they are likely to occur (if the firmware is version 1.0.6) are as follows:

1. “Black dot” phenomenon (the right side of point light sources becomes black)
When shooting night scenes, the right side of point light sources (such as lights from building windows) may become black. The phenomenon may become visible if the images are enlarged to 100% or above on a monitor or if extremely large prints of the images are made.
2. Vertical banding noise
If the recording format is set to sRAW1, vertical banding noise may become visible depending on the camera settings, subject, and background.
▪ Vertical banding noise is not noticeable if the recording format is set to sRAW2.
▪ Vertical banding noise does not occur if the recording format is set to RAW or JPEG.
▪ Noise can be reduced if C.Fn II-3: Highlight tone priority is set to 0: Disable.

Firmware version 1.0.7. that addresses these phenomena is now available for downloading from the following Web site:

When updating to firmware version 1.0.7, please also update the Digital Photo Professional and Picture Style Editor software. For details, please read the Firmware Q&A section on the firmware download page.

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